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Our Academics Services

Allegria Learning and Arts Center offers a variety of different programs to suite your child's needs. 
Home Learning Assistance

At Allegria we offer individualized home learning assistance to students who are enrolled in virtual school. When students are challenged and given support and encouragement they are more likely to thrive and perform well in their home learning education. 

EOC Tutoring

Does your child have an EOC test approaching? We prepare your child for their test and help them with study skills so that they can study at home. 

Homework Help

Allegria offers small group homework assistance program. Our teachers assist in completion of homework while making  sure students understand their assignments. Homework is completed in a clean and organized manner. 

FSA Tutoring

Whether it is a 3rd grade or 10th grade FSA test our tutors are here to help your student feel confident. Our tutors will go over test taking strategies and make sure the students learn the material that will be given during the FSA exam. 

Private Tutoring

Allegria offers individualized tutoring by certified teachers. Our tutors are dedicated to helping your student with their academic needs whether it be reading, writing, math, or science. 

SAT Tutoring

During our one on one SAT tutoring our tutors will work on an individualized plan that fits your child's needs.We will work on the most effective way to increase your child's SAT scores.

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